We build innovative software
for Enterprise & Startups.

Cloud Internet of Things Web Consultancy Outsourcing

We mainly focus on software projects which are quite complex and which you can't just give to average Joe from your local digital agency. Everything we do, we do it with passion. Every single detail matters, because these details make the huge difference in outcome.

You can find our offices in Brno, Czech Republic. Our clients are mainly Startups and Enterprise companies from USA and UK, but we work with clients regardless of the location.

How we work.

First, you will tell us what problems you need to solve. We will tell you how we will do it,
but you will disagree because you think it's impossible. Then we will make it happen.

Modern Technologies.

We are makers in IT world and we don't expect you are as well, our communications is not flooded with IT slang. Used technologies are always project specific to ensure that results meet high-quality standards and fast delivery, that's why we work agile and communicate directly with client without any middlemans.

Zero Enterprise bullshit.

In our culture, we want everything to be transparent. Do you want to talk directly with people assigned to your project? Easy peasy. Do you want to know current project status? Anytime, anywhere.

Cloud, always step ahead.

Unlimited scalability of active users and devices? Real-time Big Data analysis? Secure and flexible Data warehouse? Yep, everything is possible with the Cloud. We work with leaders like Red Hat or DigitalOcean, to help us with grasping the best from the Cloud.

Limitless. That's who we are. That's how we work.

We have offices in Brno, Czech Republic, however, location for us does not matter. We work with clients across the globe. Daily meetings, weekly planning sprint meetings, you are always in sync what's going on. Transparency everywhere.

Amazing Partners.

We value quality much higher than quantity, that's why
we choose our partners wisely – that's the only way how
to create synergy, therefore, the outstanding results.

"Neevio has been completely transparent and honest, for the length of the project. It's a credit to the culture of excellence they’ve created."

Philip Vins, CEO at Ripebeast

"Working with Neevio is like having a team of really talented professionals in-house without months of head hunting. We are starting next project with them."

Dan Halper, CEO at DVNO

Our Values.


Because we value the partnership with our clients so highly, it’s important that you always know what’s going on with your project. You’ll have direct access to everyone working on your project and all features and scope requirements are collaboratively outlined at the beginning of each sprint cycle.

Less, but better.

Do you love bloated interfaces where you have no idea where to start? No, thank you, our approach can by summarized as "Less but better" where User Experience comes always first.

This is not the end, it's just the new beginning.